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core nutritionI’m a Wal-Mart kinda gal. Well not me, but that is what a co-worker said the other day during a conversation regarding vitamins and illness. You see where I work I see on a daily basis products being shipped to eager recipients, who just purchased the latest and greatest, weight loss, vitamin supplements and beauty products on the market today. This day was no different than any other day, more shipments of Arbonne, It Works! Global and Beach Body parcels.  The vitamins at the center of this conversation are not your garden variety, these are typically the best of the best vitamin products bought online at wellness shops, at least this is what we are told.  But are they really?

This conversation turned to how expensive Arbonne products are in the opinion of many of the co-workers who were in ear shot of the discussion. Now in defensive of Arbonne, there are other companies which have been tagged as selling  expensive products, It Works! Global,, Beach Body, Visalus, Melaluca, Mannatech, just to name a few.   Any respected company online selling beauty care, weight loss and supplement products will have, in the opinion of some uneducated people, expensive products.  The question should be asked, why are these products considered expensive?

My friend said, “I am a Wal-Mart kinda gal”, and laughed at the comments of some of her friends who told her that most of the Big Box store brand vitamins are laced with “fillers” and this was why they were buying It’s Vital Core Nutrition or Arbonne’s !

My friend figured that she was getting good quality products at Wal-Mart and didn’t care that these vitamins are made of fillers. 

It is my view that we all should have the right to make our own choices, no matter what the subject of choice is.  But it is also my opinion that we should make an educated and informed choice based on reliable information. So I am not here to convince you to change your vitamin brand, but I am here to educate and provide information that could help you feel assured of the choices you are currently making.

Did you know that it is not uncommon to have allergies to vitamins? These allergies can cause you to develop horrible physical reactions; which of course defeats the real purpose of taking vitamins. This begs the question, what is causing the allergic reaction? Answer, fillers!

My friend was sure that even though there are fillers in the vitamins that they are worth the low price. I got the impression that she didn’t see the harm in the jagged little pill.

Do you know that approximately 80 percent of those using vitamins and other supplements are causing damage to their bodies, and not providing themselves with any real nourishment, due to the allergic reactions to the fillers. When purchasing from a pharmacy shelf at Wal-Mart in many cases you are literally flushing the pills right down the toilet. 

According to an article on, complications of vitamin allergies can include any one or combination of the following symptoms:

  • asthma

  • nausea

  • vomiting

  • general fatigue

  • headaches

  • itchiness

  • runny nose

  • skin rashes

  • sneezing

  • sniffling

  • wheezing

  • chest pain


While these symptoms are considered mild to moderate vitamin allergies, more extreme allergies to fillers in vitamins can cause a person to go into anaphylactic shock, a violent reaction of an allergy that causes people to suffer from breathing difficulties, quickly lose blood pressure and possibly go into cardiac arrest. Victims of anaphylactic shock could experience cramps and nausea, develop a weak pulse and light-headedness. Mood and behaviour can also be affected, bringing on a feeling of anxiety and a sense of doom to come. Of course the most serious symptoms are breathing difficulties and a drop in blood pressure, both can be life-threatening.

An estimate of 2.5 million Canadians live with anaphylaxis, and this number continues to rise every year.

The reason for allergic reactions to vitamins may be in the ingredients.  So let’s look at this issue for a minute. What synthetic chemicals are in the vitamins we are purchasing as a “Wal-Mart kinda gal” and how can you tell if there are synthetic chemicals in your vitamins making the quality of it down right dangerous? 

95% of vitamins are made from synthetic chemicals and may be derived from petroleum, rocks, sand, coal tar or saw dust?

Here is a little tip from Wellness Coach Luther Brotherton, Pharmacist-Retired.

You can test your vitamin for “fillers”, (synthetic chemicals) by baking it in the oven for 10 minutes. If your vitamin is synthetic and potentially harmful, the chemicals will begin to OOZE out. Conduct a vinegar test. Drop a vitamin in vinegar and let dissolve.  If you notice specks of at the bottom of the glass, sand or rocks were used as fillers, if something floats, it is likely that saw dust was used as the filler of choice.
If your vitamin is truly made from a plant source it might brown evenly…just like a roasted vegetable and it will likely be more expensive than Wal-Mart’s multiple brands on the shelves.

You can pay for quality and be certain you are getting a good product or you can pay for synthetic chemicals.

Shiroko Sokitch, MD recounts a story of a client who came to visit.  During this first visit she presented a bag of supplements, not high quality vitamins either.  Of course she felt she was taking care of her body by using supplements; but what is lurking on drug store and department store shelves may not have been the best bang for her buck or YOURS.  What is in your vitamin may be making you very sick.  High grade, “clean” minerals and supplements offer a great solution.

As Shiroko Sokitch investigated her bag of goodies he pulled out a very popular brand of multivitamin.  There was no need to investigate the label…it was obvious she was oblivious to what she was swallowing on a daily basis…a laundry list of poisonous ingredients in the very vitamins she thought would make her healthy.

Poisonous ingredients are being pumped into popular supplements everyday by manufacturers.  The really outrageous problem is that most people aren’t informed or aware of the possible dangers they ingest. Ingredients like titanium dioxide (a white color dye), ethylene glycol (anti-freeze), carnauba wax (indigestible) and magnesium stearate (prevents pills from sticking in machine).

According to Shiroko Sokitch, magnesium stearate isn’t necessarily poisonous but in high quantities may prevent absorption of the vitamins.

Shiroko Sokitch’s conclusion… ”when it comes to supplements and minerals, if you aren’t buying good quality products, don’t take the generic.”

Just because you purchase them off a pharmacy shelf at Wal-Mart it does not make them “good for you”.

It is no secret that people these days live break neck speed, high stress lives, with very poor nutrition provided in our food. Most will require supplementation for our bodies to maintain the best possible balance. High quality vitamins, high grade, “clean” minerals and supplements offer a great solution.

To answer the question from above, why are these products considered expensive? I believe it is clear, you get what you pay for. If you want to pay for saw dust, coal tar and sand then continue to be a “Wal-Mart kinda gal” or buy good quality plant based, no fillers added vitamins.  




SOURCE:  Shiroko Sokitch, MD
Heart to Heart Medical Center

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